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Be an Eurasian foodie and indulge your inner sommelier with our extensive arrangements of Wine and Dine experiences made exclusively for you and your specific palate.

What’s so great about Eurasian Foodie Tours?

  • We believe the best way to experience culture is through food
  • Advice you can trust: We believe in local’s guide for an authentic local experiences
  • More than tours: We want you to feel like you’re traveling with a local, everywhere you go, every time you experience a tour

Eurasian Foodie Tours is born from that idea that leisure experiences surrounding gastronomy could be transformed into not only activities for friends, but also as a way of bringing professionals together for team buildings, corporate events, culinary tours and so much more.

Eurasian Foodie Tours, like a good wine pairing, is the perfect synergy between need and pleasure. We combine our touristic experience with the best in local gastronomy. We feed your body and spirit and guarantee your well-being, seeking to use local and organic products. Slow Food is not only a way of life for us; it’s the way we work: consciousness, commitment and cooperation. Everything we do, we do with a gastronomic touch. Also, as we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, we will help you create it.

We offer only the best marriages between the local cuisine and exquisite selections of regionally produced wines. From a laidback tapas tour of oceanic delicacies of the Mediterranean sea paired with a tang of bubbly Spanish cava.. Or a fragrant and creamy Risotto ai funghi in a family style ristorante with the earthy full-bodied Sangiovese.. To a delicately simmered Coq au vin in a 3-star Michelin restaurant along with a gracefully aged Cabernet Sauvignon – you name it, we serve it.

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